Aug 16, 2008

Race 4: OSKCS No. 8 (Mac Night Race)

August 16th was the third annual night race at the Mac track. Like the first one, it was HOT!!! During the first practice session, it was 102 degrees in the shade! After my first 10 minute run, I was so completely exhausted. My daughter was my pit crew this day, and did a fantastic job pouring water over my face, putting ice in a paper towel and pressing it against my forehead. My next session was an hour later, and I had no idea how I was going to be able to go out again. The next session was hot as well, but wasn't so bad this time.

Qualifying was at 5pm, and it cooled off considerably. I felt like I wasn't doing good laptimes, and I didn't even check the qualifying timesheet, because I knew I was in last place. It wasn't until much later that I looked at it and found I qualified 2nd!

I started on the outside of row 1 for the heat race. As we were going down the straight for our rolling start, I tried to brake for Turn 1, but two karts behind me were on my bumper, and I couldn't stop. I slid off the road and rejoined in last place, 9th. I clawed my way back to finish 5th place.

The main event was under the lights. One of the lights malfunctioned, so there was a standing yellow (caution) flag for that corner. It was one of my more challenging corners, easy to go off when pushing hard, so I had to slow down a bit. I was challenging kart 66 for third place for most of the race, getting alongside on occasion, but couldn't make the pass. About 2/3 into the race, I pushed a little to hard into Turn 1, and ended up on the grass on the inside of the turm, of all places, with one of my wheels in a ditch and was sidelined. I watched the rest of the race from the inside of the track.

This was my first time not finishing a race, but I still had a blast, and it was my first time running up front with the big dogs!

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