Jun 7, 2008

Race 3: OSKCS No. 5 (Mac)

My second race of the season, at my home track in McMinnville, at the Yamhill County fairgrounds, running in the regular direction. This time, I had my boss as my pit crew.

After my first practice session, I was having a bit of oversteer going into the oval, so in my pits, I was planning on narrowing my rear track. I loosened the pinch bolts on my rear wheel hubs, moved them inwards, and went to tighten them. My right rear hub stripped when I went to tighten the pinch bolt, rendering it useless. I missed the entire practice session, going around asking others if they had a spare set of 40mm rear hubs.. I was able to borrow a pair from Mike Balden, and was able to continue.

My qualifying position, and race finishes were alarmingly regular... Qualifying: 8th place, Heat 1, 7th, Heat 2 and the main: 8th place. Total, 12 entries. After looking at my laptimes, I realized that there times could be divided into two groups, the fast drivers, and the slow drivers.. I was the fastest of the slow group, which explained my consistant finishes.


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