Welcome to Team Wishbone! My name is Wayne. What is Team Wishbone? Depending on my mood, it's a kart racing team, with me driving and my kids as my pit crew, or a web design business, who's sole purpose is to fund my racing.

The purpose of this site is to showcase my interests, display my photo galleries, and to keep a log of important events in my hobbies and family life. Thanks for visiting my site and I hope that you enjoy it!!


Race 6: OSKCS No. 5 (Mac) - Race Report Jun 6, 2009

One of my worst races ever. New paint job, fresh engine, new tires, first race of the year. Practice in the rain, qualifying in the dry. Result: DNF

The RED-E Oil Site - Web Design Blog Mar 20, 2009

Just released the RED-E oil site. I started using RED-E at the suggestion of Roger Freeborn, kart racer, RED-E dealer and former mayor of the town of Cascade Locks, OR. Roger has been helping me out with my race and engine setups at the track. When Marilyn, the owner of RED-E spoke to Roger about possibly getting a website done, he referred her to me. It's an ongoing project and Marilyn is great to work with. Check it out at

The Designated Hanger Site - Web Design Blog Jan 23, 2009

Just finished the re-design of the Designated Hanger site. This site is owned by the president of my kart racing club. He produces this baseball/softball accessory called the "Designated Hanger" which allows a team to organize bats, helmets, and gloves in the dugout allowing for ease of access and a more professional look. Check it out at

New skill I learned while being snowed in. - Personal Blog Jan 15, 2009

I was snowed in during the week before and most of the week of Christmas. We had almost two feet of snow, which is unheard of around here. We usually get 2-4 inches a couple times a year. Like always, when there's nothing to do, one turns to the internet for ideas.....

My wife's new website! - Web Design Blog Dec 29, 2008

Just released my wife's new website! She usually goes through a redesign every couple of years. This was a big effort over the last several months. As usual, she came up with the design herself, and I created a website out of it. We're really excited over the outcome.

2009 Racing Schedule - Karting Blog Dec 26, 2008

Here's my proposed 2009 racing schedule, selected from the schedules of three different series. If you're in the area, stop by and hang out with me at the track and watch me race!


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